Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Small Works

SOLD! 6x6 mixed media on illustration board.

Available. 6x6 mixed media and collage on illustration board.

I hope to do more of these small works and have them for sale in the Jim Shop.


Prad Savania said...

Hello There! How’s it going?

Impressive post/BlogSpot indeed!

I think you will really enjoy viewing my shoe design BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn also! I hope that my illustrations will help me get a step into the design industry! Let me know your opinion! Take care


jim bradshaw said...

Hey Prad - thanks for your comments. I don't know much about fashion design but the designs on your blog are nice indeed. Good luck with it all.

Stacia said...

Love these two mini monster pics! Those would have looked great in my girls' room...

Looks like all is going well in Jim Bradshaw land :)

jim bradshaw said...

Hey Stacia, thanks. The top one was bought by someone who was ready to have a baby for their little one's room. Sounds like someone shared your thinking.