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Monday, August 30, 2010

Custom Vinyl Toys For Sale

I've been painting up some custom vinyl toys lately. The top two are Marshalls and the bottom photo is a Dunny and Munny set. I love painting wood grain. They will be for sale in an online store I am developing. If anyone is interest in purchasing these, email me at For more views, check out my Flickr.



O. said...

I love that second one.

jim bradshaw said...


Cevin Thornbrugh said...

Hey, I just found your blog, I love your style and it's awesome that these toys look exactly like your drawings! How much are you going to be selling them for?

Stacy Curtis said...

I love these!
I would love to know the process of painting these. I have a blank one in my studio wanting for some paint.

Awesome job on these, Jim! They're terrific!

jim bradshaw said...

Cevin - thanks. You can find the link for the Jim Store up on the right column of the blog under the heading, "Buy Jim Stuff".

Stacy - I have bottled acylics. I just start by painting layers of a base coat until it gets to the desired opacity. Then I paint away until I like where it is at. Sometimes I also use pencil and also sometime use markers for detail. When I like as is, I spray 3-5 coats of varnish and that's about it. Thank you for asking.