Monday, November 17, 2008

Moleskine fun.

These are scans from my moleskine with some further sketching in photoshop. I definitely will be taking these to finish someday in the near future.

Friday, November 07, 2008

George Herriman rules!

One of my favorite strips from Krazy Kat. I always loved the mood and the way he laid the page out. This led to the walking pumpkin on my Kokeshi custom.

Ignatz mouse was on his way to scare Krazy Kat. I love Herriman's walking pumpkin so I put him on this halloween themed Kokeshi doll and just made the scene go the way Jim saw it.

Custom Pumpkin Kokeshi Doll

What pumpkin wouldn't want a multi-headed slimy green snake, slithering around it hollow head? Happy times.
I've had this here blank kokeshi doll for too long and it was about time I painted it. I love doing halloween themed stuff and it is the season so... The bottom scene was influenced by one of my cartoon heroes, George Herriman. The man was a genius. His Krazy Kat cartoon, created back in the 1920s was way ahead of its time. Really great art, writing and design. I draw a lot of my characters with stick arms and legs thanks to the look of George's brick throwing mouse, Ignatz. Man, I hope Mr. Herriman is looking down and smiling. I will upload a scan of the strip that influenced the walking pumpkin scene in the next day or so.