Thursday, October 29, 2009

AGM's Pumpkin Carving Contest

Vote for Jim over at Anna Goodson's Pumpkin Carving Contest. Voting ends on October 31, 2009. No sign up. Just rate this from 1-10 by clicking on the pumpkin icons under the photo. Easy, right?

This is based on an illustration I did about a little dead juggling skull guy who is so nervous performing at his first day of the dead gig that he misplaces one of his juggling skulls and has to sub in an orange. Thus the title of the illustration, "An Orange is Always Good in a Pinch".


Adam Levine said...

Hey man, this is fantastic! I just saw it today, otherwise I would have voted for you buddy. You need to do more carving, put it in wood man. Plus, I like the new vector texture studies you've been doing. Keep it up!

jim bradshaw said...

Adam - thanks. If I lose by one vote, I'm gonna hunt you down. Yeah, I want to carve in wood or linoleum blocks after doing this pumpkin.

Stacia said...

Love it!