Tuesday, September 04, 2007

When Jim Dreams

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Some moleskin fun from my slightly warped mind.


Anja said...

Jim, it´s great. Want to see more moleskin fun.

jim bradshaw said...

anja - Thank you. You want to see more moleskin fun. I want to have more moleskin fun. Somehow, I see your wish coming true. ;)

Breadwig said...

Man, I would love this a mural in my house. If you lived near me I'd pay you to draw all over the walls in my house.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Great imaginative piece and an interesting peek into your mind. Love the giant 'shrooms! :)


jimbo said...

it seems the jims are out in force on this one so i gotta leave my mark too. fun lil details here dude, i spent quite a while just lookin around at all the craziness on the spread. great work!

-the other other jim

Tracy said...

This is way cute! Love those critters roaming around, especially that one at the bottom right with the wirey looking "hair"! Aren't dreams just too crazy? This is so fun to look at and explore :)

Jo Bling said...

Lovely mad doodlings JB!

Jules Knoblock said...

Slightly warped? Slightly? HA!
You don't fool me. And I'm one "tuff Aussie" remember?
I like those crazy critters on the 'stools.

jim bradshaw said...

Bryan - okay, deal, I'll live near you. Then I could see your cool mind at work in person.

Jim - thanks, mushroom are just fun to draw.

Jimbo - never too many jim's, especially when they come in with nice words. thanks

Tracy - yes, dreams are fun. I have a taste for the bizarre so dreams fit right in with me.

jbling - thanks to the other JB

jules - are you calling me warped? Don't make me sick the chocolate milkshakes after you. ;)