Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Robo Brainwash

Here's a character I've been messing with. It's actually 2 characters. They are forced to get along in a codependent situation somewhere in the future.


Breadwig said...

ho ho ho. Now that's rich. Love this character.

Rodd said...

You have a great blog here. I really love the more "raw" stuff. Its refreshing to see drawings that arent all polished and cleaned up. I mean that in the best possible way. And those moleskin pages are top notch as well as you other illustration "doodles".

Anonymous said...


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jimbo said...

krang bot!
love the expressions - very nice!

jim bradshaw said...

Bryan - thanks bro

Rodd - thanks for stopping by and for the compliment

Jimbo - thanks, glad you like

"E"rik James Olsen said...

a very cool character and concept!!!

jim bradshaw said...

Erik - thanks alot my friend.

Anonymous said...