Thursday, February 01, 2007

February is Red

Hearts are red and so are books. Haaaa. Maybe someday I will be funny. Until then you will have to just love me as I am. This past two weeks has been crappy and I have been emotionally worn (long stories) when I get home which means no new art, so I dug into some old stuff. I want more time. Someone buy me a slower clock!


julie crews said...

Sorry Jim, everybody gets 24 hours a day. really though, if we had more time, we'd probably still use it badly. hope things get better.
Nice illustration. Makes me wonder what his song sounds like.

Kayleen West.- Stewart said...

Me too Jim, but that means we will both have a better week next week hey?
Great illo

jim bradshaw said...


Julie - What if I promise to use my extra for goodliness?

Kayleen - Yes, to better weeks.

Rrramone said...

And if you get that slower clock, please send me one. :-)