Tuesday, February 06, 2007

eL picaduro

Click on image to enlarge.

El Picaduro means "he who stings hard". Someone is about to enter a world of pain like non other. And my boy is the just the one to administer.


Anonymous said...

haha.. i'm sure el picaduro is also good at picafuerte!

Nice image ;)

Ryan Wood said...

Fantastic idea! That honeycomb mask is brilliant, man.

Jeannette said...

woa, that would be me if I were a super hero.

jim bradshaw said...

Ariel - I looked up your word and I can't find it. Very mysterious.

Ryan - thanks, man. You know what I think of your stuff.

Jeanette - In that case your name would be La Picadura. Impressive Spanish skills, huh? Exept Ariel stumped me a tad. =)