Friday, November 07, 2008

George Herriman rules!

One of my favorite strips from Krazy Kat. I always loved the mood and the way he laid the page out. This led to the walking pumpkin on my Kokeshi custom.

Ignatz mouse was on his way to scare Krazy Kat. I love Herriman's walking pumpkin so I put him on this halloween themed Kokeshi doll and just made the scene go the way Jim saw it.


Slag said...

Jim, I can't agree with you more. George Herriman DOES rule! I've been a big fan of Krazy Kat since I was a kid and i know you can find his influence in my own work. There' just nothing like a potted cactus to make a drawing feel finished :)

Your own work is wonderful! May I ask what kinds of paint you use?

jim bradshaw said...

slag - ...or a twisted slice of moon. Thanks for you comment. I use acrylic paint. I buy it in bottles at craft stores. I also work in pencil to most of my finals.

Kalba said...

i love u :)

jim bradshaw said...

thanks for the love Kalba. :)