Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eyeing an Unhealthy Snack

This piece won in the small works show at Fusion Gallery in south Jersey this past summer. My second show. Feels like my intro into the gallery scene is off to a happy start. :)

Another painted Zip disk. This is for an upcoming small works show this summer.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. What a great way to get rid of those things! I also just read Suddenly Alligator, your illustrations are inspiring.

Breadwig said...

perhaps my favorite zip disk yet. Love it.

jim bradshaw said...

jim - thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed the book. My work has evolved since my books and I cringe a little at them, but that's me loving where I am at now but never content to stay there.

brian - always glad to make your fav list my friend.

ben @ ivoteforart said...


I love the zipdisk works. Such a beautiful way to preserve such a superfluos piece of technology.

You'd be welcome to sell some of these on, by the way.

jim bradshaw said...

Hey Ben. Cool! I'll email you.

Named One said...

Ok Jim, So this is actually the work I am considering for purchase if it is still for sell. So how much? Lets deal.

Andrea Gerstmann said...

This is fabulous and hilarious. I like.