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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Little Life & Death Parade

Here is another one for the show in South Jersey. When the gallery owner saw my stuff a month ago, he loved it and decided to retro fit me into an existing scheduled show so the details on my part of it are still sketchy.


Breadwig said...

Jim, I can't remember if I've told you recently how much your work continues to inspire me. I love this piece. The little world's you create with your work blow me away.

Mutt_Ink said...

Hey Jim,

This piece is absolutely wonderful. Where is the gallery in NJ? I'm in Philly and I'd love to see your work in person....and if I can afford it, possibly purchase this piece if it is still available. I hope all is well.


jim bradshaw said...

Bryan - I get stoked hearing that. You can say it as much as you want.

Jeremy - Hey man, I am humbled by your words. You know how much I love your work. I'll shoot you an email soon.

EA said...

que bueno que genial!! wonderful!!!
una maravilla todos tus dibujos!!

jim bradshaw said...

gracias ea!

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

I like it!

jim bradshaw said...