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Monday, November 27, 2006

This was my 1st book

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On October 11, where I was showing off my 2nd book, I promised to post my 1st book. So, since I am so busy working on my website and not illustrating half as much as I want to and need to, I will try to dig up already done art to keep the blog breathing. No one wants an out of breath, stagnant, mosquito infested blog. Si?

Just a warning. This book was illustrated 3 years ago and my 2nd book which just came out was illustrated around last year at this time. Now, the stuff you see me posting since I created this blog in September has moved on in technique and style and direction. There are some pages in these books, that frankly embarrass me when I compare them to my present characters and the direction I am going in now. So if you are fixin' buy these books, thinking that you will get the same level of work my blog is promoting, you may be disappointed. How's that for selling my stuff? At least you get honesty here. No one has ever said to Jimmy, "you can't handle the truth!".


coloribus said...

This first book seem very well !

Vicente Cruz said...

Yes, it's great!!

Breadwig said...

I can see your progress, but this book still rocks and has that Jim style. Very cool.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Way to sell your book, Jim! It looks incredible. I check back often looking for new stuff! I'm so impressed with your work.

Alexei said...

WOW!!!AWESOME art!!!I love it!!!Love your blog!!!SO COOL!!

Bax Turbine said...

I love your blog and your art. Very fun stuff. Funny thing... I found your blog looking at the Black and Orange site. (Loved your entry the most!) I do graphic design for Gibbs Smith Publisher. Small world.