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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Power doodle.

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Sometimes it feels good to just let my pencil wander and see where it ends up. Like a rolling stone, with no direction home. I needed to stop being so intense for a day. So much of my time away from work goes into my art and the freelance biz developement lately. This blog is just the tip of the iceberg. I have so much on my mind about where I want to go with all my stuff. Working full-time doesn't give me the quality time I want. You know, the best of my day when I am most alert and energetic. My passion for art will have to be the drive I need. I'm not loving the way I feel tonight. I should go to bed earlier than I have been. Jimmy needs rest. Good night my adoring public. All one of you. Ha Ha.


HildaRose said...

Okay, so this from your adoring need a break. You can't work all day as a creator and then go home and create some more, you're brain will burst! Like a volcanoe with all that pressure. Man, go bowling. Grab some friends and throw some balls. They do have balls in New Jersey, don't they? What you need is mindlessness, a way to shake out your energy. Go, go, something without a pen (or wacom) in hand.

Now little Jimmy go out to play!
your fairy godmother

debi hubbs said...

Make that two fans.ha!
I just love your art, super fun!
Hope you get some sleep...

jimmy said...

Wow, I didn't know I had a fairy godmother! My life just went up a notch. I guess it can't hurt. Thanks for your advice. But I don't dig on bowling too much. Mainly, I suck at it. Last time out I went above 200 (can't remember the actual number 235 maybe) on the 1st game and everyone had me on a pedestle. As the game progressed, each frame that Jimmy bowled brought a hush of anticipation. I was great for sure until the second game which I must humbly admit was below 90. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that I may have a slight consistency problem. Anyway, going to bed before 11:00 made a big diff in the way I feel. I know where I want to go on my next illo and it may also fit in with the Black & Orange thing. I am pumped again and can't wait to get off work tonight and do it up! You gots good fairy dust. It worked without bowling or darts or yahtzee or anything! :D

Anja said...

Hey, this is great! Love it!

Shane said...

Nice tension in the line quality. Keep heading in this direction. I think it's taking you some where good.

illustrationblog said...

Great energy! I like this a lot.

Wee Cottage said...

Lovely sketchy texture. I have to work on my textures because I fall in love with all these wonderful illustrations with great textures. I missed last weeks "Quiet" - It's lovely, again with more textures...drool! Wonderful illustrations.