Friday, October 20, 2006

Dim Reaper

This was Ned's day to be dead, but Ned's laughter alerts deathboy to a problem. Grimmy breaks out into a sweat as reality sets in. "What am I going to tell Mr. Beelzebub"? The old excuse, I forgot to change the lightbulb in my shed, was played out. Suddenly, Grimmy's luck changes when Ned dies of laughter. Grim checks Ned's pulse and Ned is dead (that's what I said). Then, the idea of making a killer living in comedy hits him. "I could be a prop comic. Yeah, how about next time I mistakenly pick the broom? Beware, the Grim Sweeper" (ha ha snort heehee dwindling chuckles). He tries to think up more garden tool puns. "Hmmmm. What rhymes with Grim? Hmmmm. I got it! Trim! The Trim Reaper prunes the... nah, that rots. C'mon Grimmy, think...(long pause)... hmmmm... (more pause). C'mon, this is hurting my skull. Dang, if only there were more rhymes in this cursed world". I could have knocked em dead. I guess I'll just go home and change the rotten bulb in the shed".


gemily said...

a story that good can't go without any comments. between it and the picture, a giggle escaped.

coloribus said...

I like this illustration;
I like the textures of the colors, especially the blue and the white... and I like the installation, the layout

miragee said...

I love the childlike feel in your illustrations:-).

Malin H said...

Oh this is great!