Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Champ

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Playing with new textures and cut outs. This was a different way to build my illustration than my usual. The experiment paid off. Each new thing I try brings all kinds of ideas in my head for future illustrations. It's cool how after all the years I've been doing this, each job can be like starting new. The wonder of it all!


HildaRose said...

This is great but I miss your wonderful color. Love your Black&Orange too.

Okay, so question - are you really doing your scratchboard traditionally? Sometimes I think that the only way to really get that magnificent texture is to throw away the wacom and pull out the knife. How much of your images are traditional versus digital?

jimmy said...

Hildarose. Don't chuck your wacom yet. I haven't used real scratchboard since art school.

I take my pencil sketch and invert it in photoshop so the lines are white. Then I bring it into Painter and put on the top layer set to screen so only the white shows to the layer under it. I give that layer about 20 to 30% opacity. The working layer under it gets filled black and I scratch around the dim white pencil lines. By turning off the eye on the pencil layer, I can see what it will look like when finished. Then when done I chuck the top pencil layer but never my wacom. Heehee. BTW the tool is under Pens and it is called scratchboard. I hope that helps.

HildaRose said...

Thanks Jimmy, this just reconfirms my belief in my trusty wacom. I was wondering because I just couldn't imagine, you home on a Friday night curled up by the tv scratching away with your wacom but I guess I was wrong. So now I have you balancing your monitor on your knee, wacom on your lap and peering around them to watch the tv.

I used to do some scratchboard years ago and really liked it but I haven't got the hang of the pen (to draw) yet on my wacom, it still feels so plastic. I am working on it. A friend mentioned putting paper down on the wacom and using the pen on top of that, must try that. I used to use white scratcboard before, drew my image and then scratched over the lines. It was faster. Didn't get a lot of texture in the large white spaces unless I added ink but I wanted them fairly clean and was just looking for the scratchy line work.

Thanks for the tip.

jimmy said...

hRose. No intrusion whatsover. I am always feeling that way too, yet I love when people come my way. So everyone know this. Go ahead and write. We are all in this together, right?

Breadwig said...

Yes, you nailed it! I too have been trying all sorts of new techniques, and it really does expand you and your ideas as an artist. Great post.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Boy, I really do dig your style! Rockin'!