Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Do Bees Dream?

Click image to enlarge.

Did I ever mention that I like bees? These are a little different than the previous ones. This was done when I was going through my donut lip phase. I like the lips but I kept getting art directed away from them. It took some time for me to get a character look that fit me and also made the A.D.s happy. This is an acrylic painting that I scanned and did some fancy layer composit work in photoshop. It took some fun experimentation time before I liked the colors. Blue is dreamy so I took it there and it feels kind of creepy like my dreams. I want to illustrate and mabye even write some of my childhood dreams. All I can say is my imagination can get a tad bizarre.


Breadwig said...

Love this illustration. And I love your bizarre imagination and your drawing style. I really like how you've meshed your toothy drawing and line work, with a nicely colored/rendered image here too. Great work.

Natura said...

Great work! It's so expressive, love it.

Ray said...

The colors and textures here are spot on. Very nice.