Tuesday, September 12, 2006


This is my latest. I have been building an updated body of work. This woodcut thing has got me fired up! There are a few woodcut pieces on my website. It seems more powerful than my usual technique. This is the first piece I have done straight on the computer. I usally draw the base in pencil, then scan it into photoshop and go back and forth between photoshop and painter. I have been doing more and more sketching in painter. I now have a digital sketchbook to compliment all my manual sketchbooks. I really need to sketch a lot more. It isn't easy working full-time as an art director and coming home to do more work but illustration is my passion and if I let it go too long my brain feels like it is going to explode. Ahh...the blessing and the curse of the creative mind.


webstarer said...

this one is your best. put it in line for painting, making it first. good luck

mrs. b. said...

i love this...bee-utiful!

Rhonda said...

this is amazing.. i love the style.. is it actually scratchboard? Canyou tell me about your process..Its so cool!

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